Free Sweet Nothings Organic Acai Bowls

Free Sweet Nothings Organic Acai Bowls

You can receive a complete refund of the purchase price, up to $4.99 (without taxes), when buying a single 6oz/177mL Organic Acai Bowl from Sweet Nothings in either Berry Acai or Mango Acai flavors at an approved retailer before March 1, 2024. This deal doesn't apply to online purchases and requires submitting the receipt from the store before the deadline and while supplies last.

Sweet Nothings Organic Acai Bowls are a delicious and nutritious treat made with organic acai berries sourced from the Amazon rainforest. Each bowl is carefully crafted with a base of velvety smooth acai puree, topped with an array of fresh fruits, granola, nuts, and honey or agave nectar for added sweetness. This vibrant and instagrammable dish is not only delightful to the senses but also packed with antioxidants, fiber, and essential nutrients to fuel your body and keep you feeling energized throughout the day. Enjoy one of these tantalizing bowls at Sweet Nothings, or order online for a convenient and healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert option.

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