Free Home-Care Laser Pain Therapist IASO

Free Home-Care Laser Pain Therapist IASO

Hurry if you don't want to miss a chance to win a new innovative gadget worth $250. IASO is an ultra-compact cold laser-therapy device that enables you to effectively manage chronic pain at home.

Low-power lasers, also referred to as cold lasers, emit less than 500mW of power. Numerous clinical studies and experiments have demonstrated the effectiveness of cold laser therapy (LLLT) in managing acute or chronic pain. Notably, cold lasers operating within the 600-1000nm wavelength range stimulate cellular activity and enhance blood circulation. This results in increased production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) within cells and synthesis of essential proteins. The benefits of this process include pain relief, improved blood flow, widened blood vessels, and lymph node stimulation, which mirrors cell activation.

IASO is a distinctive cold laser device that sets itself apart from others due to its capacity to produce both 650nm and 830nm wavelength beams concurrently. Its unique patent technology enables it to be worn as a wearable home care solution on wrists, elbows, ankles, and shoulders.

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