Free Chifles Plantain Chips

Free Chifles Plantain Chips

Discover the delightful taste of Chifles Plantain Chips, a gluten-free and vegan-friendly alternative to traditional potato chips. Made from ripe plantains that are thinly sliced, fried to golden perfection, and seasoned with salt for a savory flavor, these crispy and crunchy snacks are perfect on their own or as an accompaniment to your favorite dips.

Take advantage of our special offer! Buy one bag of Chifles Plantain Chips from your local retailer, then send them a picture of your receipt via text message. They'll refund the cost of another bag right back to you through Venmo or PayPal within 24 hours! Don't miss out on this amazing deal. Enjoy twice the deliciousness with Chifles Plantain Chips!

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