Free VCF Vaginal Contraceptives

Free VCF Vaginal Contraceptives

If you use contraceptives, you should try VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film, which is made for women. This contraceptive dissolves with your body's natural moisture and protect you from unwanted pregnancy.

VCF is a range of contraceptive products consisting of Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF), Contraceptive Gel, and Odor Eliminating Film (OEF). The Film and Gel versions act as spermicides, preventing pregnancy by killing sperm for up to 3 hours through contact.

The VCF Film is a soft square of soluble film that dissolves with natural moisture, creating a gel coating with the effective spermicide. Once it dissolves, it becomes unnoticeable during intimate moments, ensuring uninterrupted intimacy.

VCF Contraceptive Gel comes in pre-filled applicators, allowing users to control their contraception and eliminate unwanted pregnancies. The gel's safe and effective spermicide protects against pregnancy while maintaining the user's control over their body during intimate moments.

The VCF Odor Eliminating Film (OEF) is a vaginal hygiene product designed to relieve feminine discomfort and eliminate odor using the unique dissolving film delivery system. Once inserted, it maintains a healthy vaginal pH by eliminating odor and begins to dissolve immediately, becoming unnoticeable for both users.

And today you have a chance to try such a way of contraception out. Please follow the link below to visit the Apothecus Pharmaceutical Corp official website. Add the free sample to cart and proceed to checkout. Free vaginal contraceptive sample will be sent to your shipping address in the mail.

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