Free Long-Lasting Lozenges

Free Long-Lasting Lozenges

What might you do when you don't have a toothbrush or floss in an airplane or transport, but you want to keep your teeth healthy. In such a case, we'd recommend you using Dentiva, a remedy produced by Nuvora.

Dentiva and Salese are long-lasting oral health lozenges that provide relief from dry mouth and other oral health issues. Key features of these products include:

- **Dentiva**: This lozenge is great for when you can't brush or floss and contains zinc, like Zicam and Coldeeze. Dentiva's advantage is a sustained-delivery technology that provides a continuous release of zinc (up to one hour) compared to hard candies that last minutes. The natural ingredients in Dentiva capture and eliminate volatile sulfur compounds and kill plaque bacteria, which generate bad breath and other oral health problems.

- **Salese**: This lozenge is designed to slowly dissolve while continuously releasing ingredients over a prolonged period of time, providing continuous relief of dry mouth symptoms. Salese truly lasts an hour in the mouth, allowing for longer-lasting dry mouth relief.

Both Dentiva and Salese are excellent for oral health, as they eliminate bad breath, kill bacteria, and neutralize acids that cause decay. They are available in different flavors, including Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Mild Lemon.

The ingredients of conventional dry mouth rinses and lozenges are washed away within minutes. Follow the link below to order free Long-Lasting Lozenges by Nuvora.

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