Free Daz Washing Liquid

Free Daz Washing Liquid

Daz is introducing a new gel formula for its laundry detergent line, offering consumers controlled precision dosing with no mess and fuss while still delivering a dazzling clean. The new gel format is easy to use with its squeezable bottle and viscous formula, allowing flexibility in dose sizes depending on load size. With its powerful and concentrated nature, less product is needed for effective cleaning. Daz Gel also delivers a brilliant clean for whites and colors even in cold washes and comes in a Cherry Blossom scent for long-lasting floral freshness. The brand is looking for 1,500 volunteers to test the new gel formula and share their experiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Participants will receive a trial size of Daz Gel, post photos and reviews online, provide feedback to friends and family offline, and fill out a survey for the Daz team.

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