Free Book: The Self-Publishing Handbook

Free Book: The Self-Publishing Handbook

Do you want to know how to publish a book? Don't miss a chance to learn a publishing method is based on the 5-step production process developed by Brad Pauquette, who is the founder of Proving Press.

The publishing method used by Proving Press is based on a 5-step production process developed by Brad Pauquette, the company's founder, which is outlined in his book "The Self-Publishing Handbook. The book aims to provide authors with a comprehensive guide to self-publishing, covering both the creative and business aspects of the process. It emphasizes the importance of authors divorcing themselves from their romantic attachment to their work and adopting a businessperson's perspective to avoid broken dreams and unmet expectations.

Some key aspects of the book include:

- **5-step production process**: The book provides a detailed outline of a five-step production process to guide authors through the self-publishing journey.
- **Business side of publishing**: The Self-Publishing Handbook delves into the business aspects of publishing, helping authors navigate the industry and make informed decisions.
- **Positive reviews**: The book has received positive reviews for its organization, straightforwardness, and ease of understanding.

Proving Press offers a free digital copy of "The Self-Publishing Handbook" to those who request it, with the hope that it will be a valuable resource for authors on their publishing journey.

Claim your free hard copy of the book titled "The Self-Publishing Handbook" by following the link below. Complete the form and the book will be sent to you in the mail.

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