Free BW-100 Electronic Contact Cleaner

Free BW-100 Electronic Contact Cleaner

If you think about how to clean sensitive electronics without any risk, you no doubt would like to test a free sample of BW-100 Electronic Contact Cleaner. BW-100 is a Korean brand which products are available for the overseas delivery thanks to 08liter.

The BW-100 Electronic Contact Cleaner is a versatile cleaning tool designed to remove dirt, oxidation, and corrosion from electrical contacts in various electronic devices. It uses ultrasonic technology to produce high-frequency sound waves that agitate the cleaning solution and create microscopic bubbles, which effectively clean even the smallest crevices and pores. The device is easy to use - simply fill it with the provided cleaning solution, connect it to the electrical contacts using the provided brush or sponge applicator, turn on the ultrasonic frequency, and let the cleaning process begin. The BW-100 can be used for a variety of applications including computer keyboards, mobile phones, touchscreens, connectors, switches, and more. It is also effective in removing soldered joints and IC pins.

To claim this and other free samples, please follow the link below and you will get to the 08liter Corp. official website. Click the button "Try Free" and follow the further instructions. Please note that all the offers provided by the 08liter are limited in time. So hurry to grab your free stuff. Even if you were not in time, you may explore other free samples provided on the 08liter official website.

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